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Fire Damage Restoration

Whether you live in Chico, Red Bluff, Corning, or anywhere in the surrounding911Restoration-carrying-blower Chico areas, it is essential to be aware of the potential fire risks in the region. Wildfires, accidents, and electrical malfunctions can all lead to property fires in a matter of seconds. When such a disaster impacts your home or business, 911 restoration will provide you with complete fire damage restoration from start to finish. Our technicians will not only address the ash, soot, and smoke damage, but we will mitigate the flooding created by the fire extinguishers and repair any structural damages. Our goal is to give you immediate peace of mind by providing affordable, full-service fire cleanup, right when you need it.

We will start the recovery by giving the property owner a free fire damage assessment and estimate. Our technicians will answer all your questions to ensure you feel comfortable with all the work conducted on your property.

911 Restoration of Chico is the fire information center you can trust to guide you through all the fire damage restoration procedures, which includes water damage repairs.

You may be surprised at the extensive flooding in chico caused by the fire department. It takes hundreds of gallons of water to put out a structure fire, and, frequently, the water damage ends up being more extensive than the ash and smoke damage.

Our technicians are experts at both fire and water damage restoration, so you can have confidence in our ability to handle every aspect of the disaster. We will administer water removal, drying, and dehumidifying services, not to mention thorough odor removal.

We will handle all of your belongings with respect and care. Our repair techs use gentle cleaning techniques to remove ash and soot from all surfaces, furniture, personal items, and even dishes.

If you need us to remove your possessions and furnishings from the property, we will facilitate the pack-out and storage services. You can be sure that we will keep your items safe and sound while the fire cleanup takes place.

There isn’t anything you can’t depend on us to take care of while we are repairing your home or business. Call 911 water restoration at (530) 214-5391 and please allow us to offer you a free visual inspection.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration After a Wildfire

Every year California is hit by wildfires, with the last few years being the most destructive in recorded history. Chico is susceptible to feeling the impact of these fires, making it crucial to be prepared before the wildfire season begins.

911 Restoration of Chico cares about your safety above all else, and we911Restoration-residential-truck Chicowant to help you safeguard your property against fires. While it is not possible to prevent wildfires completely, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk to homes and businesses in your area.

Dead leaves, branches, and dry debris can act as kindling to falling embers. Clear away anything from your roof, gutters, deck, porch, patio, and outside area that can fuel the flames.

Outdoor furniture and decorations can also easily catch fire. By storing them away during the dry season, you can prevent them from igniting and spreading flames onto your property.

Strong winds can blow burning embers into your property through open windows, doors, and vents. Make sure to inspect the outside of your property for any openings and seal them up with screens or non-flammable materials.

Maintain your landscaping to reduce the chances of mulch, shrubs, trees, bushes, and branches from catching fire. Trim back any foliage so that any flammable plant life is at least five feet away from the property.

Woodpiles, lumber, vehicles, and boats kept outside should be at least 30 feet away from your property. These items can act as large fuel sources that can ignite your home or business within minutes of catching on fire.

By taking these precautions, you can significantly reduce your chances of incurring smoke and fire damage. However, even if you prepare your property, the time may come when you require professional fire damage restoration.

When you are affected by a wildfire, call us at (530) 214-5391 and learn how we can help. No matter how severe the situation may seem, you can be confident that we will make your property look better than new!

Free Fire Damage Assessments and Insurance Consultations

You never have to deal with the aftermath of a property fire alone. 911 Restoration of Chico will respond quickly to come up with a fire damage restoration strategy specifically designed for you.

We will immediately start the cleanup process by giving the property owner a free fire damage assessment. This initial inspection will allow us to formulate an estimate of the fire and smoke removal services needed to restore your property entirely.

Once our technicians determine the restoration cost, we can go over pricing options to put your mind at ease. Along with consistently offering affordably priced services, we also accept all types of insurance.

If you have never filed an insurance claim before, our staff will provide you with a free insurance consultation. Our professionals will go over your policy with you to ensure you fluently understand your coverage.

We have worked with many insurance companies over the years and know that it is vital to give them as much detailed information about the damage as possible. Our technicians will help you take inventory of your losses and submit your insurance claim for you. We will directly bill your provider, so you never have to worry about the financial logistics.

You can count on our repair techs to take on all the challenges presented by the fire and smoke damage. Customer service is essential to the recovery process, and our staff is dedicated to preserving your well being every step of the way.

Call us at (530) 214-5391 and learn how we can help. 911 Restoration of Chico will show you that a Fresh Start is possible after a fire disaster today!

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